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Making resistant the cylindrical tanks by intelligent material piezoelectric against earthquake

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Authors Making resistant the cylindrical tanks by intelligent material piezoelectric against earthquake

Farhad Kiani - Islamic azad university Shahin shahr branch,
Amir Hosin Yosefi -


In this article we discuss about making resistant the cylindrical tanks against earthquake by reducing vibration and how to prevent happening the aggravation frequency by smart material piezoelectric as ring and stringers that is causing the collapse of structure shifting and forms of the tank is calculated by Lagrange equations. The advantage of piezoelectric is that used either as a sensor or as a fix and function noting to the feature of these material is they are given a deformation it caused to making a voltage and if they are given. An small amount of voltage it causes to make a deformation in these material. So by using them in tanks crust as ring and connect it to a controlling system, in each moment we can enter some voltage that reaction against the continuous moment et the thanks crust and by reducing amount of vibration make the desired structure damping. If the earthquake frequency is limited to low only ring are activated by sensors and due to more shifting string are activated by electricity automatically. In this problem, three parameter in clouding tank shifting in angle and ray and amount of voltage given to the smart material in each moment are unknown in system. That are accounted by parametric space methods in order to stability and useful function in controlling system noting to analytic computations of the frequency limitation tanks forms and its stability ultimately this method is also computed by computer simulating that the results are together with little difference. Due to the recent earthquake that causes rains in petroleum tanks and radioactive material storage in power station, this method and its usage will be very use useful and inevitable


piezoelectric – earthquake - cylindrical tanks

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