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Cultural Justice and Cultural Communities, with Regard to Islamic Civilization

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Year: 2017
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Authors Cultural Justice and Cultural Communities, with Regard to Islamic Civilization

  Saeed Salari - PhD student of History of Civilization of Islamic Nations at University of Tehran


Cultural justice in action is to provide equal culturalconditions for flourishing various talents that exist in the society. Some ofthese measures are being away from culture-affiliated centralization in themetropolis and equitable distribution of credits of this part from thegovernment institutions. Thus, a branch of cultural justice can be devoted tothe subject of justice between cultures in the community. Purpose: This studyintends to explore issues of justice and culture, and to investigate the subjectand conditions of that in the society. Also, according to the fact that theIslamic civilization society have been to a significant extent in co -existencewith different cultures, the examples of this work is from the heart of thiscommunity. Approach: This work first pays attention to the conceptualanalysis and finding relationship between these two phenomena based uponan abstract look, and then with pulling out samples from this conceptualrelation, tries to make a concrete conclusion. Outcomes: In discussing aboutcultural justice, some aspects should be noted that there are a possibility ofestablishing justice in them. In other words, some cultural differences areproducts of differences in talents, manners and motivations, etc. And lack ofvisibility of conditions cannot be attributed to the lack of justice. In this paper,the analytical results of this issue will be studied.


Cultural Justice, Cultural Communities, Islamic Civilization, various talents, centralization

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COI code: ICJE01_094

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