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From Local Identity Toward Global Identity: Ethical References of Inter-religious Dialogue

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Year: 2017
COI code: ICJE01_097
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Authors From Local Identity Toward Global Identity: Ethical References of Inter-religious Dialogue

Ioan Dura - PhD Associate Professor at Ovidius University


In the 21 st century, in the daily vocabulary at institutional, cultural,sociological and theological level, some key terms entered in use:globalization, multiculturalism, pluralism, interculturalism, etc. All theseterms intend, by their signification in the present given context, to center thefocus of today s man on a new reality, which is obvious in its social, culturaland religious dimension, more specifically a new global way of placing theman in relation with the other people. There have been many discussionsabout interculturalism and multiculturalism as a manifesto aspect of thepresent and now there is a more acute conscience of the need of value change,the latter one being a form of interrelation which keeps (basically) the specificidentity in opening towards different spiritual/cultural horizons. This researchproposes to offer strategies of promoting the cultural-religious values, but in away and manner according to the current global context: the dialogue. In thisdialogue, we find our different religious identities in the dynamic of social lifeand we are call to articulate a new ethical way to find ourselves in thishorizon.


Inter-religious dialogue, local identity, global identity, interculturalism, multiculturalism

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COI code: ICJE01_097

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