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Justice as the Base of Human Being’s Social and Moral Life in Islamic Thought

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Year: 2017
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Authors Justice as the Base of Human Being’s Social and Moral Life in Islamic Thought

  Qodratullah Qorbani - Ph.D Associate Professor of Philosophy at Kharazmi University


Islam as the last Prophetic religion has introduced the Quran as theinfallible and revealed book that one of its main virtues is defining justice andjustly social and moral laws. Some virtues of the Quran’s teachingsconcerning justice is their universality, Stability and comprehensiveness, thatis, they are applicable for all humans in all spaces and times. The Quran, first,emphasizes that the goal of sending the divine Prophets is to establish justiceamong people. This shows that human’s restricted intellects are not able tocompletely establish justice without helping revealed origination. The Quran,also, indicates that the whole system of being is a just system, and that humanseeks justice innately and morally, and hates from oppression. Hence, theQuran introduces many cases of justly dealings in political, cultural,economic, social, religious, individual and collective affaires. Some of theQuranic teachings concerning justice are justly observing in worshiping,seeing, speaking, and behavior with disbelievers, family, distribution ofeconomic wealth, judging and governing. The Quran considers all kinds ofjustice as the universal and dominant divine tradition over human’s social andmoral life that taking care of them is led to mundane and spiritual happinessand peace. This paper, by indicating that justice is of metaphysical, social andmoral principles of Islam, tries to show its many aspects in the Quran, inparticular in human’s social and moral life


Justice, Islam, the Quran, happiness, comprehensiveness, morality.

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COI code: ICJE01_103

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