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An assessment of influential factors on safety ofconstruction projects to prevent fatalities

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Year: 2017
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Authors An assessment of influential factors on safety ofconstruction projects to prevent fatalities

Ali Ghourchi - M.Sc., Department of Construction and Engineering Management, Mehralborz University(MAU), Tehran, Iran
Ehsan Saghatforoush - PhD., Assistant Professor, Department of Construction and EngineeringManagement, Mehralborz University (MAU), Tehran, Iran
  Armin Keshavarzi - M.Sc., Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran


Lots of happenings are occurred in work places annually which might lead to disability or even insome cases death of workforce. This subject is more important in construction projects and insome cases causes change of overall path of a project. It can be discussed from severaldimensions. Since industrial revolutions, growth of technology caused several problems in termsof dimensions, size and complexity of activities. This led in providing a series of rules related toemployee and employer relationship. Managers were forced to provide conditions till workplacenot to be harmful for employees in terms of physical health and psychological health both. Toincrease occupational safety an integrated security system should be established to make sureabout implementing preventive measures in workplace; then probable happenings can berecorded in that setting or similar ones to evaluate system under implementation andconsequently we present strategies to improve current system. This paper uses descriptivemethod of literature review as well as questionnaire survey to gather both qualitative andquantitative data needed. This paper provides some suggestions for improving safety situationof employees in the construction projects; it provides an appropriate conclusion for safety ofworkers and decreases in fatality statistics and the damages caused


safety rules, construction projects, safety management

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COI code: ICMAR01_001

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