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The influence of social media trust on consumer behavioral intention in tourism industry

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Year: 2018
COI code: ICMBTU02_029
Paper Language: English

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Authors The influence of social media trust on consumer behavioral intention in tourism industry

Azhdar Karami - Azhdar Karami, Bangor University, UK
Zehra Bozbay - Zehra Bozbay, Istanbul University,Istanbul, Turkey
Vahideh Arghashi - Vahideh Arghashi, Istanbul University,Istanbul, Turkey


Today, social media are considered as an effective factor in consumer purchasing behavior.Conscious customers know that there are a variety of information sources around them that canhelp to better decisions making and social media is one of the most influential customerinformation sources to this issue. Due to this approach, trust on social media has not been widelyconsidered by researchers. As we know, trust is a key element in online shopping. It is alsobecoming more important in tourism and hotel industry because the content created by other userscan have a bearing on the decision making process of customers. This article tests the relationshipbetween trust in social networks site (SNS) and customer purchasing behaviors and describes themechanism for explaining this relationship. Our proposed model explores this quotation How trustin social media effects on customer behavioral intention In this research, we are going to examinethe impact of trust on social network site on the three factors of rating, information seeking fromsocial networks site and the intention of customer purchasing behaviors in hotel booking. In orderto test the hypothesis, we were collected information’s among the tourists who visited Istanbulcity between January and February 2018. Dates were collected through a questionnaire and faceto-face by the researcher. The places where the questionnaires were distributed are Taxim,Aksaray and Sultan Ahmad Square. The reason for choosing this area is to collect information dueto the excessive gathering of tourists from different countries in these places. The questionnaireswere prepared in Persian, Turkish and English languages. In order to investigate thecomprehensibility of the questions we used professional experts and translators guidance in thisfield. After pre-test, a final questionnaire was used to collect information. The results show thattrust on SNS has no effect on the decision to booking or not booking hotels by respondents, thatis, respondents more than social media to collect information about hotels and the rating of otherusers about the hotel and their comments are important for them .In the interviews conducted bythe researcher, it became evident that customers used variety of sources to booking their hotelssuch as social media, hotel websites, Internet and others to can make better decision about yourdesired hotels. They know different information source proposed different offers for them and cantry to choice the offers that provide the best facilities with the less costs which can be consideredas a subject under discussion in future research.


Trust on SNS, Information seeking in SNS, Rating, Consumer Intention behavior in SNS

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COI code: ICMBTU02_029

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