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Evaluation of sensitiveness of Mazandaran coastline using IMO Method

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Year: 2012
COI code: ICOPMAS09_094
Paper Language: English

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Authors Evaluation of sensitiveness of Mazandaran coastline using IMO Method

Samane razmjooy - Msc. Student, Ahvaz Azad University
  Afshin Danehkar - Associate Professor , University of Tehran
Rozita Sharifipour - Assisstant Professor , Assisstant Professor
Seyed Mohammad Bagher Nabavi - Assisstant Professor , Ahvaz Azad University


Coastal areas are sensitive lands that are influenced by both marine and barren ecology. The sensitive aquacultures and habitats are in these areas. This areas not only are significant recreationbut also supports fishing activities and transportation industries. Applying appropriate method torecognize the sensitive coastal areas of Mazandaran province provide an appropriate strategy to establish a database for coastal areas management process and a pattern for decision making anddirecting development process. This policy prevent environmental contradicts in coastal areas. IMOcriterias for choosing marine sensitive areas is a global experimented method. The special purpose of recognizing marine sensitive areas, in addition to protecting the areas with special ecologicalimportants, is to support socio-economical resources that are dependent to natural resourceproduction of marine-coastal areas. That’s why the study area consist of 487/15 Kms of Mazandaran coastline that on land coastal use stretched to 3 KM from backshore boundary and marine boundarycorresponds to depth line of-10 meters. Then based on IMO criteria and recognizing the areas whichhave these criteria , the study area particularly sensitive areas are land use planning. Meeting the list of criteria for used method, according to results, Miankaleh Wetland and Gorgan Bay have the utmost importance. Other sensitive areas the study area includes: Fereidunkenar Wetland, Fisheriesimportant rivers estuary, Sisangan Park, Khoshkehdaran national monument, Ramsar, Chaloos, Noor, Noshahr forests, Alborz markazi protected area, Birds sites across coastline


Coasts Management, Coastal Zone, Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas(PSSA), Mazandaran,International Maritime Organization(IMO), Caspian Sea

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COI code: ICOPMAS09_094

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