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Year: 2018
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  Reza Tolian - Department of Environmental Pollution, Ahvaz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahvaz, Iran
Mohammad Shakibinasab - Bushehr Ports & Maritime Organization, Bushehr Port, Iran


Nowadays, by increasing human traffic, convenience and attractiveness, as well as cheap and cost-effective shipping, sea transportation has also increased [1]. In fact,shipping is much more efficient than road and rail transport [2]. Projections indicate that without further regulatory action the continued growth in emissions of SOx and NOxfrom the maritime sector will surpass that of all land-based sources in the EU by 2020[3]. There are more than 450 types of different combinations in smoke of smokestack,40 of which are known as toxic and dangerous gases and Dangerous for human health [4]. Oceans ship consume more than 4% of global fossil fuels [5]. Annually, oceangoing ships are estimated to emit 1.2–1.6 million metric tons (Tg) of particulate matter (PM) with aerodynamic diameters of 10 μm or less (PM10), 4.7–6.5 Tg of sulfur oxides (SOx as S), and 5–6.9 Tg of nitrogen oxides (NOx as N). Some studies have estimated around 15% of global NOx and 5–8% of global SOx emissions are attributable to oceangoing ships. Given nearly 70% of shipemissions occur within 400 km of land ships have the potential to contribute significant pollution in coastal communities especially for SOx [6]. Also, ships represent 3 to 4 percent of the total CO2 released in the world [5].


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COI code: ICOPMAS13_016

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