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Year: 2018
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  Alaleh Norouzi - nstitute of Geophysics, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
  Farhangh Ahmadi Givi - Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
  S. Abbas Haghshenas - Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


On March 19th 2017 an unusual storm hit a limited area on the Northern coastline of the Persian Gulf. The storm coincided with high tide condition at Dayyer Port and threelong-crest waves hit the coastline of the port with an average period of 38 seconds with an average inundation level of 5 m with respect to the chart datum level. Thestorm damaged some part of the coastal strip of 2.5 km long and 0.5 km wide. The levels of inundation has measured through a field survey campaign on the day after.The focus of this event seems to be limited to this area. This study provides a collection of field observations after the storm, while trying to simulate the measuredinundation levels through a multi-stages numerical modeling framework. Some researchers have studied meteotsunami or meteorological tsunami that is believed to be thephenomenon which occurred in Dayyer. Meteotsunais are unusual sea-level events, generated when the speed of an atmospheric pressure or wind disturbance is comparable tothe phase speed of long waves in the ocean (Geist et al., 2014). The understanding of meteotsunamis- significant atmospherically generated long ocean waves in the tsunamifrequency band- has advanced considerably during the last two decades. In a study, modern approaches in meteotsunami research has been investigated and the drawbacks of existing early warning systems have been presented by Vilibić et al. (2016). In another study, Geist et al. (2014), presented a framework for the probabilisticanalysis of meteotsunamis. In this study a general aggregation equation is proposed for the probabilistic analysis, based on previous frameworks established forboth tsunamis and storm surges, incorporating different sources and source parameters of meteotsunamis. Another research which investigates the coast of Southern BritainThe English Channel, Bristol Channel, and the Severn estuary- for the occurance of tsunami-like waves that, in the absence of associated seismic activity, has been carriedout by Haslett and Bryant (2009). Hibiya, T., and Kajiura, K., (1982), to study about Origin of the Abiki phenomenon (a kind of seiche) in Nagasaki Bay that relation to thisstudy. The study of various aspects of coastal cities for continuous attention. In this regard, ports and port late in this research investigated certain unorthodox event that inthese areas the losses and damages (Figure2).


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COI code: ICOPMAS13_102

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