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Year: 2018
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Mohammad Reza Hedayati - Assistant professor Scientific-Applied Faculty of Post &Comm. Tehran, Iran
Mehdi Kamyab Roudsari - PhD Research Scaller, Chemical Engineering, Islamic Azad University–Tehran North Branch, Iran
Mohammad Hossein Amiri - MSc student, Islamic Azad University–Tehran North Branch, Iran
Fatemeh Khodadadi - MSc student, Software Engineering, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield Hertfordshire, UK


In this research work FBG has been used as a new kind of sensing element for health monitoring in the large composite and concrete civil infrastructures. Thecore problems focus on the novel proposed expert system using FBG sensors application. As a new kind of sensor for structural health monitoring system, Popularization and generalization of FBG is still a challenge for researchers. This research work shows that FBG sensors have become one of the key sensors in structural healthmonitoring (SHM) and will take the place of some conventional electrical sensors. In this work, the performances of a proposed solution, based on expert fiber Bragg-grating were tested and directly compared both in laboratory and in field conditions. The results are presented and discussed, aiming at the assessment of generalization the maincharacteristics of this technology for quay wall and other similar type, structural health monitoring applications, and also taking into account the principal requirementsin-field of civil engineering applications The efficiency of a monitoring method based on ong-gauge sensors is illustrated through an application at the Shahid Rajaee port in Iran. For developing the present expert system the knowledge domain is organized so that the information can be structured in the computer program for effective use and originatedfrom source of knowledge should be the domain expert. To design and develop knowledge based expert system, the specific knowledge domain or the subject domain is acquired. In the proposed scheme the change of reference FBGs signal with expert system, implies that something within the subsea concrete structure has altered and diagnosis is made. A distributed on-line temperature and strain fiber sensing system based on the fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology is presented and investigated experimentallyfor expert monitoring of the Harbour and Getty Structures. The implementation of fiber optic sensing (FOS_ technology is the solution to incapability of traditionalelectrical stain gauges in a large sensing network for structural health monitoring of different building and civil engineering structures. It is Difficult andsometimes not possible to measure a fault or crack in the offshore or onshore construction for various reasons, including climate and environmental conditions.The present work survey the principles and a criterion of the diagnosis signal processing and introduces these achievements to an expert system technique using Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors to monitor the dynamic strain and temperature of Shahid Rajaee harbour. This article aims to ensure the protection, safety and health monitoring of the concrete structure quay wall in the Shahid Rajaee harbour using proposed method of measuring defected parts, incorporating the Fiber Bragg Grating sensors and extracting knowledge from expert system. References [1] M. Hedayati, M. Kamyab and All Health Survey and monitoring Components in the propulsion system for use in a storage vessel of propellants, in The 13th conference on coast, post and marin structures (MIC 2011), Kish island, 2011. [2] H. Mohammad reza and S. Seid.Attaollah, ROV Based Condition Monitoring of Quay Wall Bottom and Maneuverability effect of vessels with large draft and thruster in Shahid Rajaee harbour, in 9th International Conference on Coasts, Ports and Marine Structures, 1391.[3] R.-J. Sun, Z. Sun, D.-H. Dan and L.-M. Sun, An integrated FBG sensing system for bridge health monitoring, in SPIE 6174, Smart Structures and Materials 2006: Sensorsand Smart Structures Technologies for Civil, Mechanical, and Aerospace Systems, 61742Q, 2006. [4] R. Valilou and E. Hadi, Usage of optical fibre in construction structures, in 1th conference, extended and estimate the age of aviation structures and old rusty industry, Tehran, 1390. [5] M. VELDHUIS, Monitoring of Harbour Structures in The Netherlands, in European Conference on Structural Control , 2015. [6] Tavner, P.J, Gaydon and B.G., Monitoring Generators and Large Motors, 1986. [7] A. Obaton, Tilted Fiber Bragg Gratings And phase sensitive-Optical Low Coherence Interferometry for refractometry and liquid level sensing, 2012. [8] S. Javadpour and M. Hedayati, traffic monitoring system parameters and external road in remote areas using radio frequency (RFID) And sensor Network Bragg grating (FBG), in The First Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), 2013[9] M. R. Hedayati, A. A. Amidian, S. A. Sadr and A. Razazan, Intelligent Ship Hull Inspection and NDT Using ROV Based Flux Leakage Expert System, 2010 Second International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Modelling and Simulation, Bali, 2010, pp. 412-415. doi: 10.1109/CIMSiM.2010.68


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COI code: ICOPMAS13_122

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