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Review of Pluralism in Designing Tehran’s Contemporary Arts Museum

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Year: 2017
Present: پوستر
COI code: ICRUM01_003
Paper Language: English

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Authors Review of Pluralism in Designing Tehran’s Contemporary Arts Museum

  Saeideh Bagherirad - Young Researchers and Elite Club, East Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Post-modern architecture was created during 1960s through 1980s based 0n philosophical bases of post-modernism, on one hand and with a challenge in modernism bases and reception of some possibilities of architecture history on the other hand. Pluralism is in the position of one of the issues in post-modern thought in architecture which is seeking to aggregate different kinds of views and styles (including traditional and modern). After the examination of pluralism and the analysis of architecture related to it, this research studied such a thought in Iran’s contemporary architecture and analyzed Tehran’s contemporary art museum as a prominent paradigm of Iran’s post-modern architecture. In this research, it is determined that museum designing is consciously or unconsciously exploited from pluralism such that the characteristics of modern and traditional architecture are integrated in designing the architecture and using the elements artistically with equal and evident value and consequently, it can be known as a prominent representation of pluralism architecture.


post-modern, pluralism, architecture, contemporary art museum

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COI code: ICRUM01_003

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