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Hydraulics Investigation of Mesh Panel Bottom Racks Using a Physical Model

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Year: 2014
COI code: ICSAU02_0317
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Authors Hydraulics Investigation of Mesh Panel Bottom Racks Using a Physical Model

Keivan Bina - Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, Khavaran Institute of Higher Education, Mashhad, Iran,
M. R. Akhavan Abdollahian - Ph.D. Student of Geography and Urban Development, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran, Faculty Member of Khavaran Institute of Higher Education


Bottom racks are metal structures which are installed at channel intakes in order to drain surface waters in urban areas. They can also be used as intakes in mountainous rivers with high slopes and coarse grained bed loads. One type of bottom racks that has received little attention so far is the bottom rack built with a network of longitudinal and transversal bars which has a better performance against applied forces. This specific form which is called mesh panel bottom rack was considered in this paper. Accordingly, for the present study three mesh panel bottom racks with different void ratio were built and installed in a flume with different slopes. A total series of 81 experiments with different discharge rates of clear water and different lengths of the bottom racks were conducted.In every experiment, the discharge diverted by the rack and the discharge remaining in diverted canal were measured by a sharp crested rectangular weir. Subsequently, variations of discharge coefficient for this type of bottom rack were tested under different hydraulic and geometrical parameters. To do so, first the general normalized relation was extracted using dimensional analysis. Then, in order to determine the coefficients of the relation, between the data collected from the 81 experiments, regression analysis was carried out on different relations and finally the best relation was chosen based on present statistical criteria. Finally, hydraulically performance of mesh panel bottom racks were compared with longitudinal bar bottom racks through calculation of diverted discharge byeach type in the same hydraulic and geometric conditions.


bottom rack intake, dimensional analysis, fitting, spatial varied flow with decreasing discharge, discharge coefficient

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COI code: ICSAU02_0317

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