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Impact of nanomaterial technology in construction

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Year: 2014
COI code: ICSAU02_0761
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Authors Impact of nanomaterial technology in construction

Saeedeh Feizi - M.Sc. in Architecture, Academic Staff at Azarshahr Azad University


The impact of modern technology on reducing energy consumption in modern houses and their design has been the main concern of most researchers and architects during the last two decades. What first catches attention, within the area of Nanotechnology, is its compatibility with the environment and energy saving enhancements which is one of the best achievements of human being. That how long Human being will continue destructing environment or wasting fossil energies is a subject that will be investigated along with the progresses made in technology and its achievements in utilizing new materials and energy. In recent years, comprehensive studies have been undertaken in the area of green, renewable energy. In the meanwhile, nanomaterial technology occupies an important place and has had remarkable achievements. Taking advantage of new technology, its combination with elements of traditional and indigenous forms, either formal or functional, and its use in solving the climate conditions, are some of the basic uses of new technology in contemporary Iranian architecture. However, application of new technology in preserving certain cultural and social values of a specific area and principles of traditional architecture, along with the rules, conditions and new technology are considered as an ideal patterns to be used in contemporary spaces. Using new technologies and new materials in making arrangements and decorations,colors and indigenous or traditional materials symbolically, whether harmonious or in contrast with modern technology, is also one of the best models that, by using modern methods and new materials, can respond to the increasing needs of the contemporary world. This paper investigates the use of nanotechnology materials in construction in order to save energy.


Nano technologies, Climatic conditions, Optimization of energy, Green energies

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COI code: ICSAU02_0761

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