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Studying Local Standards of Masonry Structure of Traditional Baazars in Iranian Cultural Heritage

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Year: 2014
COI code: ICSAU02_1132
Paper Language: English

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Authors Studying Local Standards of Masonry Structure of Traditional Baazars in Iranian Cultural Heritage

VAFA ASL ASADI - Department of Architecture(MA)


Baazar (Iranian traditional market), as the main pathway and economical relation artery in hot and dry area of Iran has created a surrounded space with its continuous cover and it catches the light through holes and vents and as well as being in harmony with spiritual and social needs of people, for its climatic and ecological design it has structural connection with adjacent buildings and expresses a united place in the presence of diversity, abundance and a developed hierarchy regardless of diversity of functions. The high roof of these Baazars were covered with clay and straw and were constructed as binding arches, cradle with number of angles or arches on stool gable. In addition to their constructing role, arches of Baazar acted as heat capacitor and they also hindered unavoidable noises of Baazar spaces for their solidarity and kind and form of used masonry material. On the other hand, width passage or pathway was of special importance as the main element which determined the importance of a space and caused harmony with human metrics of passersby. This article discusses the local standards of Iranian cultural heritage through comparative studies of design scales in functional spaces of traditional Baazars of Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz and Kerman approaching masonry materials and climatic conditions.


Climatic Baazar, Masonry Structure, Cultural Heritage, Domestic Architecture

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COI code: ICSAU02_1132

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