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Establishing the Passive Defense Rules for the use zonings in master Plan: A Sustainable Development Approach

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Year: 2014
COI code: ICSAU02_1284
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Authors Establishing the Passive Defense Rules for the use zonings in master Plan: A Sustainable Development Approach

Sajjad Abazarlou - M.S. in Urbanization (Islamic Azad University- Tehran Markaz)
  SHahram Abazarlou - M.S. in Urban Planning (Zanjan University- Tehran Markaz),


The Comprehensive City Planning seeks to program and determine the developmental dimensions of cities as well as meeting it’s requirements on the basis of predictions and urban developmental purposes. Such a plan is mostly used to extend urbanization rules, controlling the development of cities along with an inclination to programming systems and coordinating various economical and social districts with respect to the quality of environment and recognizing natural, social, and economical areas as well as defensive and security issues focusing on passive defense. Specifying the defense and security positions and also the difference between defense, security, and safety is of prime significance in this plan. The safety issues are generally dealing with unexpected natural events such as earthquake, flood, landslide, fire and so on while defense and security issues are always raised in case of military invasions and danger. The goals of the passive defense in such master plans consist of determining how the land use city boundaries, lands, and their zonings are set to enhance the safety; supplying the required establishments and equipment to reduce the city vulnerability; taking the passive goals into account based on the cities environment and citywide regulations; providing the conditions to perform rescue and life-saving operations, emergency evacuation, and individuals’ temporary settlement. The current analytical-descriptive study has two major applications: decreasing the weak-points of towns and reducing the potential danger. In addition, the present research deals with establishing passive defense rules, criteria and urban land uses in two parts: site selection and multifunctional areas. The findings have also been illustrated in different tables throughout the study.


passive defense, urban comprehensive development and construction plan, land use, site selection, multifunctional areas

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COI code: ICSAU02_1284

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