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Assessment of Effective Factors on the Sustainability of Neighborhoods (Case Study: Mashhad Metropolitan)

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Year: 2014
COI code: ICSAU02_1496
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Authors Assessment of Effective Factors on the Sustainability of Neighborhoods (Case Study: Mashhad Metropolitan)

  Gholamreza Abbaszadeh - P.H.D. Candidate in Geography and Urban Planning, Ferdowsi University,
Mostafa Akbari Motlaq - M.Sc. in Urban Design, Imamreza International University


Today, due to results of irregular urban development, sustainability has become an important issue in urban studies. In order to have a sustainable city, the criteria of sustainable development should be considered in development of neighborhoods, which are the main components of city. In field of sustainable neighborhood development, different dimensions were proposed with emphasis on the requirement for recognition and definition of their importance and priority in reason of local sustainability. Awareness about effective factors on residential neighborhood and their priority, provides a foundation for sustainable development. The objective of this paper is the analysis and recognition of major factors in field of residential neighborhood sustainability in the present situation. Two districts were taken as case studies: one with historical background and organic urban fabric (Sarab area) and the other one with modern society and grid urban fabric (Sajjad area). These two neighborhoods have different physical, economic, and social textures. Their overall conditions play significant role in determination of sustainability criteria. This is a descriptive-analytical research and information were collected with questionnaire, from 370 persons who are the neighborhood residents. The calculation process (Factor Analysis) was done for five main factors (economic, social, environmental, physical, and managerial).


Neighborhood, Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Mashhad Metropolis

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COI code: ICSAU02_1496

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