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Achieving urban sustainability from the perspective of Secured by Design (SBD) scheme (Case study: Isfahan city)

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Year: 2014
COI code: ICSAU02_1537
Paper Language: English

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Authors Achieving urban sustainability from the perspective of Secured by Design (SBD) scheme (Case study: Isfahan city)

Taimaz Larimian - PhD Student in Urban Planning, Department of Geography, University of Otago, PO Box 56, Dunedin, New Zealand
Negin Sadeghi - Department of Landscape, Isfahan (Khorasgan) branch, Islamic Azad University,


Security and safety have always been considerable issues, from early primitive cavedwelling societies to medieval and modern cities however, there is not a broadly accepted approach for defining, measuring and analyzing crime and fear of crime as indicators of sustainability. On the other hand, in urban security, Secured by Design (SBD) is considered as one of the newest and most important approaches which promote urban sustainability in cities with reduction and prevention actions such as determining the specific definition of urban spaces, increasing natural surveillance and creating a sense of responsibility and ownership among citizens. Therefore, the aim of this research is to discuss a model for evaluating urban sustainability from the perspective of SBD approach and investigates the extent to which crime and fear of crime are integrated within urban sustainability. For this purpose, an analytical model with five levels is presented. This model decomposes the main principles of SBD approach into localized criteria and sub criteria which influence it. These factors later are prioritized using pairwise comparison logic and fuzzy group Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method and the relative importance of each factor on achieving urban sustainability is determined.In addition the proposed model is used to calculate the overall rating of 5 areas of Isfahan city based on their urban sustainability situation. Results showed that the Central area and North area have the highest and lowest urban sustainability rate respectively. Besides, among the main principles of SBD, Physical Security” is considered to have the most influence on urban sustainability rate of studied area. Finally this paper argues that SBD represents a useful designing tool to assist in achieving environmental security and development of environmental sustainability.


Secured by Design (SBD) approach, Urban Sustainability, Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP),Isfahan City

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COI code: ICSAU02_1537

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