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Spectral Acceleration Amplification Effects on the Performance Point of Self Standing Steel Chimneys

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Year: 2017
Present: ارايه پوستري
COI code: ICSAU05_0155
Paper Language: English

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Authors Spectral Acceleration Amplification Effects on the Performance Point of Self Standing Steel Chimneys

Armen Assatourians - Ph.D, Earthquake Engineering Research Consultant, Yerevan, Armenia,
Sohrab Fallahi - M.Sc. Senior Structural Designer, E.S.S. Consulting Eng. Co., Tehran, Iran,
Mohammad Reza Mehrdoust - M.Sc. Earthquake Engineer, Head of North and North-East branch of BHRC , Mashhad, Iran


According to developments in construction of special structures in developing countries,current research is carried out on Self Standing Steel Chimneys, which is a kind of special structure and is used in several types of factories. In this research, the 3D finite element model of steel chimneys, previously designed and constructed in Armenia is determined. For this purpose, two finite element models of existing chimneys, supported by a R.C. pile cap and four piles are considered. First model is of 48.0 m high and a diameter of 150cm, whilst the second model’s height is 60m, with a diameter of 200cm.Structural analysis and design is carried out for the fixed based model, due to Armenian SNIP II-2.02-2006 seismic code. Later by performing a Modal Pushover Analysis on estimated finite element models, Capacity Curve for each of them are achieved and the Performance Point according to FEMA 356 guideline recommendations are computed, based on spectral acceleration range of 0.1g~1.0g and above mentioned soil types, using FEMA 356 pseudo acceleration spectrums. considering 4 soil categories of Rock (800<Vs<1200m/s), Dense Soil (360<Vs<800m/s), Loose Soil (180<Vs<360m/s) andVery Loose Soil (Vs<180) respectively, according to Sa=0.40g spectral acceleration. After completing the achieved information from modal pushover analysis, the diagrams for both base shear forces and displacements versus spectral acceleration are prepared and the final results are discussed.


Self Standing Steel Chimneys, Spectral Acceleration, Modal Pushover Analysis,Performance Point, Capacity Curve

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COI code: ICSAU05_0155

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