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An investigation into the effect of stiffness and link beam connection on coupled steel shear wall

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Year: 2017
Present: ارايه پوستري
COI code: ICSAU05_0201
Paper Language: English

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Authors An investigation into the effect of stiffness and link beam connection on coupled steel shear wall

Arman Zare Mirabadi - M.Sc. in Structural Engineering, Tabriz university, Iran,
Hedayat Veladi - faculty of Civil Engineering Department, Tabriz university, Iran,
  Peiman Ghaderi - M.Sc. in Structural Engineering, Islamic Azad university of Mahabad,


Coupled shear wall system has been highly considered in recent years. Due to architectural limitations,sometimes the architect is forced to use two spans separate from shear wall. The study results have shown that using coupled shear wall will have better results than single wall in structure behavior and the desired performance can be achieved by using thinner plates. On the other hand, parameters like stiffness of the peripheral elements, the conditions of the link beam, plate dimensions, and so on directly affect this system’s behavior. In order to model steel plates, various elements were examined in software of different references that finally stated that inclined strips model could best simulate the behavior of this system. In order to carry out the study, highly important and average height structures were modelled in SAP2000 software, and pushover analysis was used to study the effects of link beam and the peripheral elements on the system’s nonlinear behavior. In so doing, different models were proposed, and the effects of variables such as connection stiffness, link beam length, link beam stiffness, steel wall opening dimensions, and so on were examined. Finally, it was figured out that stiffening the link beam led to an increase in stiffness and a decrease in displacement of stories, and stiff link beam caused a better behavior in the structure. Moreover, comparing elastic stiffness showed that when the height of a structure increased about 30%, elastic stiffness of such structures decreased about 20%.


coupled steel shear wall, link beam, stiffness, pushover analysis, nonlinear behavior

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COI code: ICSAU05_0201

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