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Evaluating the quality of urban environment and its relationship with the quality of life of citizens in the city

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Year: 2017
Present: ارايه پوستري
COI code: ICSAU05_0208
Paper Language: English

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Authors Evaluating the quality of urban environment and its relationship with the quality of life of citizens in the city

  Maryam Hajilou - Master Student Of Architecture Of Islamic Azad university Of Khomein


Human endeavor has consistently been able to take full advantage of what they have to offer maximum comfort. With regard to issues such as the effect of visual disturbances, the heterogeneity of spaceswithout the spirit and the urban concept, their lack of attractiveness and beauty, the continuous construction of unqualified and repetitive urban spaces necessitates the need for research on the title of the article more than ever before because Correction of the above issues can be used to make good use of urban spaces besides having a beautiful view of the present day. Along with the above mentionedissues, there are some concepts such as dissatisfaction of the people of the community with urban living space, lack of funding and facilities for this, weakness in performance, etc. Therefore, in terms ofarchitecture, urbanization, citizens expectations regarding the quality of the living environment, the cultural and social values of the society are needed to be considered more closely. The research methodis descriptive-analytic. The method of collecting data through library books, documents and documents, along with the evaluation and evaluation of their various aspects. In this regard, in this research, we first discuss the research background, definition of quality, terms of the environment, city, definition of urban environment quality and other topics. The effort in this article is to present materials that couldbe useful steps in improving the quality of urban space and living in it and expressing the important role of architects, urban designers and urban planners by using the factors affecting them such as planning, proper management in This relationship involves the implementation of comprehensive quality control design and construction and other factors along with the creation of a beautiful landscape. In this research, the factors suggested increase the quality of the urban environment, the importance of this issue, the more livelier lives of citizens in cities, the reduction of the effects of Western imitationmisconceptions, and so on. Finally, in this research, the result is expressed in order to better and better benefit from the subject matter studied.


Urban space quality, visual disturbances, beautiful landscape, architecture, more affluent life of citizens in cities

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COI code: ICSAU05_0208

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