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Landscaping, Ecology and Aesthetics in Architecture

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Year: 2017
Present: ارايه پوستري
COI code: ICSAU05_1149
Paper Language: English

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Authors Landscaping, Ecology and Aesthetics in Architecture

Sara Taherineshat - Architecture engineering, Aloaddoleh Semnani Institute of Higher Education,


In recent decades the landscape architectural discourse has tended to eschew ideas of aesthetics while focusing instead on notions of functional and sustainable design. I offer the view that Aesthetic Creation Theory, whose principal exponent is the philosopher Nick Zangwill, has the potential to redress this imbalance by interpreting landscape architecture as ‘art’. Zangwill s account of ‘art’ differs, however, from many other definitions found in philosophical aesthetics: it holds that works of art have aesthetic functions that are essential to them, but also allows that they have other, non-aesthetic functions, for example practical or ecological ones. It thus removes the strict distinction between fine art and the useful arts. A review of findings shows that Persian gardens have attracted a wide area of interests between psychologists and environment designers. The main reasons behind the attraction of Persian gardens are natural content and particular landscape configuration. To study these features, overall organization examination is employed according to psychological pattern. One of the impressive psychological patterns to evaluate the natural landscape is preference matrix whichhas been developed by Stephen and Rachel Kaplan. These days, cities are facing different problems which are growing day by day due to growth of migration to cities and high density of people in there. One the important problems of cities are environmental pollutions which endanger their sustainability in long term. Cities’ air pollution and lack of suitable air corridors in big cities which is the result of high building construction and intensifies its pollution has created a situation in cities which is called heat islands.


Aesthetic Creation Theory, criticism, landscape architecture, philosophical aesthetics, theory

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COI code: ICSAU05_1149

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