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The impact of kids spaces design parameters, on promoting their creativity

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Year: 2017
Present: ارايه پوستري
COI code: ICSAU05_1317
Paper Language: English

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Authors The impact of kids spaces design parameters, on promoting their creativity

  Nazanin mirzaei - Department of Architecture, Rafsanjan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Rafsanjan, Iran.
  Alireza ghafari - Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Rafsanjan Branch, Islamic Azad University,Rafsanjan, Iran.


The findings of the psychologists of child and environment indicate that human mental and intellectual development is not coincidental, but it is done coordinate with other dimensions of human development. As improving health and nutrition conditions can affect the physical development of the individual, the improvement of the environmental conditions in which the child lives, also provides the possibility of child s mental and intellectual development. The aim of this research is to provide a model for designing children s space based on the impact of the environment on the level of creativity and other positive and negative effects on children, which has been tried using the correlation and qualitative approach to achieve the research goal. In this method, the effect of components such as light, color, contrast, proportions, shape and form is investigated. From the studies, it can be concluded that in the case of the creation of appropriate conditions, it is possible to develop creativity in a child. Obviously, a child who is grown in an unfavorable environment will have less creative potential and most of the problems of individuals in the field of creativity are rooted in this era.


Child, Creativity, Environment, Mental Development, Environment Psychology line

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COI code: ICSAU05_1317

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