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Study The Effect Of Social Capital On Life Satisfaction Among Khash City Youths

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Year: 2019
COI code: ICSAU06_0167
Paper Language: English

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Authors Study The Effect Of Social Capital On Life Satisfaction Among Khash City Youths

Khodanazar Eisazehi Rigi - Graduated from the MA in Social Sciences. The Orientation of Sociology,
  Hossein Ebrahimzadeh Asemin - Asistant Professor Department of Anthropology University of Sistan And balouchestan,


What has been collected in this research is a scientific research that aims to investigate the direct effects of social capital on improving or decreasing the level of life quality ( life satisfaction ) among Khash city youths. According to the statistical population which consists of young girls and boys of Khash city, this research aims to study the effect of e social capital on life satisfaction among this strata of society using theoretical subjects and empirical information that has already obtained. The purpose of this research is to investigate the concerns of Khash city youths to determine that how much life satisfaction do they have regarding cooperation, economic capital , expectations and relationship as independent variables and life quality (life satisfaction) as dependent variable In this research, topics about life quality, social capital and the effect of social capital on life quality have been mentioned. Research background (literature review) has also been stated. Opinions and views of social capital theorists such as Francis Fukuyama, Pierre Bourdieu, James Coleman and Robert Putnam, Alexis de Tocqueville are presented. Geographic location, historical background and city tourism are also presented. Data of this research have been collected using survey method and through interview and questionnaire - techniques. We have tried to collect needed information regarding research objectives and hypotheses obtained from statistical population that are Khash city youths. Sampling method in this research is simple random sampling And library studies have been used in this research. Aspects and effects of social capital on satisfaction among Khash city youths are analyzed using integrated view of experts (Fukuyama, Coleman Putnam, Bourdieu and de Tocqueville).


Social capital, satisfaction, youth, quality of life, capital

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COI code: ICSAU06_0167

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