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Considering the Concept of Urban Resilience in Crisis Management

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Year: 2019
COI code: ICSAU06_0322
Paper Language: English

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Authors Considering the Concept of Urban Resilience in Crisis Management

Abbas Attar - Master of Urban Development, Qazvin Islamic Azad University
Vahid Ataei - M.A Geography and Urban Planning and Master of Law and Political Sciences, Iran Qazvin boein Zahra,
Saeid Ataei - M.A Geography and Urban Planning, Iran Saveh Azad University
Amirreza Rezayee Gorgani - MS Student of Urban Planning, Khavaran Institute of Higher Education, Mashhad, Iran


Iran has many vulnerabilities in terms of gravity and natural disasters. Due to the demographic, economic, urban infrastructure, etc. in cities, it is important to protect cities against the risks and responses that are appropriate to them. Past experiences of natural disasters occurring in the country indicate that there has been a lot of financial and financial losses. Therefore, there is a need for a solution to manage the crisis easily while providing the right response. In this regard, resilience is a solution to balance and adapt to it and, in the event of a crisis, returns to normal or pre-crisis situations. Therefore, the present paper addresses the concept of urban resilience in crisis management. In addition, while expressing the concept of resilience, its principles and its stages, cities, communities and cities of resurrection as well as their characteristics have studied.


Resilience, Crisis management, Urban resilience, Natural disasters

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COI code: ICSAU06_0322

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First Time: (Attar, Abbas; Vahid Ataei; Saeid Ataei & Amirreza Rezayee Gorgani, 2019)
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