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Study of Design Values and Priorities in Five Generations of Contemporary Architecture of Iran

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Year: 2019
COI code: ICSAU06_0803
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Authors Study of Design Values and Priorities in Five Generations of Contemporary Architecture of Iran

  Kimya peyrovisaray - Master of Architecture, Nabi Akram University of Tabriz,
  Mahdi Hamzenejad - Assistant Professor, Faculty Member of Iran University of Science and Technology,


Paying low attention to the identity of Iranian architecture is one of the problems of the present problems of it; that causes to not have an exact definition of contemporaryarchitecture s identity standards. This research would be organized in quality level by considering its essence. With due attention to working process; at first we had gatheredall the data those were needed by descriptive way, using pundit s books and essays. Then we are trying to achieve recognition of attitudes and approaches of Iranian contemporary generations by analytic way of design process and the flow of thoughts which come through the literary works of Architects; so present way will be a compound descriptive _ analytic way. And it would answer to this question: there any meaningful chain through the used concepts by various periods’ Architects supposedly, mentioning the attitudes of contemporary Architects meanwhile monitoring the values of every artwork considering Iranian contemporary attitudes, It would cause a recognition of theoretical flow of Iranian contemporary architecture in history by explaining considered samples in research had tended to compare the attitudes of Contemporary Iranian architecture Considering the six main attitudes of aesthetics from Capone point of view, and it is searching for an access to the most comprehensivepatterns of contemporary architecture in all the aesthetic branches and the monitoring the fortes and the weak paints of architecture indexes in every period. So we had needed to find the origin of theoretical catechism for a big amount of concepts and patterns. According to content’s assessment and analysis of five generation’s Iranian contemporary artworks, especially after the revolution, we would got that; Capone with his sextet attitudes had turned over to explain architectural elements and aesthetics in a comprehensive way and to be on Capone’s way for reaching to a pure and unique architecture we will need to have every one of six main attitudes of him.


Architectural Design Process, Iranian Architecture Identity, Theoretical Principles of Capone

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COI code: ICSAU06_0803

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