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Analyzing the Wisdom of Holy Numbers in Islamic Architecture

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Year: 2019
COI code: ICSAU06_0914
Paper Language: English

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Authors Analyzing the Wisdom of Holy Numbers in Islamic Architecture

Pantea Baghdadi - PhD student of Art Research, Art Research Department, Al-Zahra University, Tehran.,
Fatemeh Kateb - Ph.D. in Architecture, Associate Professor of Art Research, Al-Zahra University, Tehran.,


This research is on to study the wisdom of holy numbers in terms of Islamic architecture. Therefore, in this research we discuss the wisdom of Islamic art and the approach of numbers in it and also the identity of holy numbers. Finally some studies are carried out about the principles of architecture in terms of the wisdom of Islamic architecture. Islamic architecture has always been a manifestation of Muslim architectural ideas and has tried to create close relationships with nature and discover the mystery and its mysterious secrets; on the other hand, by employing a symbolic and metaphorical statement in physical and qualitative form, they can create mysterious and understandable works of art, in order to achieve innate originality which makes people s attendance worthy. Achieving the approach of numbers in the wisdom of Islamic art and achieving the holy numbers in the Islamic architecture is one of the most important purposes of this research. This research is theoretical, and in terms of nature and method is descriptive-analytical. Also, according to the data collection method it is library-based. Indeed, it tries to search for an answer to the question, how are holy numbers in Islamic architecture And how did the approach of numbers represent in the wisdom of Islamic art


holy art, number, holy numbers, architecture, Islamic architecture

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COI code: ICSAU06_0914

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First Time: (Baghdadi, Pantea & Fatemeh Kateb, 2019)
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