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Bioinformatics analysis of the Hsa-miR-875-5b upstream promoter region as a tumor suppressor in colorectal carcinoma (CRC)

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Year: 2016
COI code: IPMCMED01_106
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Authors Bioinformatics analysis of the Hsa-miR-875-5b upstream promoter region as a tumor suppressor in colorectal carcinoma (CRC)

  Hadi Bamehr - Hamadan University of Medical Sciences


The Expression of miR-875-5p down-regulated significantly in tumor tissues in primary stage of CRC. The anticancer effect of Hsa-miRNA-875-5p (miR-875-5p) has recently been discovered.recently studies have showed that this Mirna not only has an inhibiting role against cell proliferation, invasion, migration but also promoting apoptosis in colorectal carcinoma (CRC) mostly by targeting EGFR oncogene .but putative mechanism of miR-875-5p regulation on colorectal carcinoma (CRC) is unclear. Method: The promoter region of miR-875-5p was obtained using the Ensemble database .CPG analysis was done using the byEMBOSS spgplot software. Target gene explored by three published algorithms, including Target Scan , Mirwalk, Mirdb ,Micron. Binding sites of transcription factors were predicted by several kinds of software of promoter analysis for promoter region. Result: In this study we explored the regulation mechanism of microRNA has-mir-875-5b by bioinformatics analysis .The analytical results showed that has-mir-875-5b is an intergenic miRNA. Using the Ensemble database the length of the promoter region of has-mir-875-5b was predicted to be1543 bp. determining the locations and distances of the GC box, CCAAT box detected by using the Neural Network method ,and the location of TATA box was found to be in 537 bp. No CpG island was found in the has-mir-875-5b promoter region with default parameters (Criteria used: Island sized > 100 bp, GC% > 50.0%, Obs/Exp > 0.6) therefor metilation has probably a poor role for transcription regulation. Seventy five transcription factor binding sites in the promoter region including (p53, E2F, Pea3, c-Jun, HNF-1A/B, c-Myb, RXR-alpha, NF-1, TBP, FOXP3 etc.) were discovered using different type of analytical software such promo algoritm. Coclosion :In this study The predictions of transcription factor binding sites ,cpg island analysis, and target gene of has-mir-875-5b provided significant data for further study of putative regulation mechanisms and they role Involved in CRC.


personalized medicine- biobank-risk factor-standard operating protocol, omics

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COI code: IPMCMED01_106

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