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A Mini Review on Hot Topics in Precision Medicine

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Year: 2016
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Authors A Mini Review on Hot Topics in Precision Medicine

  Maryam Yazdanparast - Experimental Medicine Research Center, Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Today, there is a consensus that every prescribed medicine behaves distinctly in each body. Therefore, different modelling, meta-data analysis, and various advanced detection techniques are being recruited to reduce the probable side-effects of classic methodology of trial and error; known as precision medicine . Generally, precision medicine aims to distinguish interpersonal distinctions by studying genetic variations and utilizing precise targeted agents including drugs and markers. Precision medicine, also known as personalized medicine , have raised promises for many therapeutic and diagnosis objects including cancer treatment, regenerative medicine, diets, etc. Cancer is the most promising target for precision medicine due to the variability in its causes and alarming incidence. Studies are aimed to detect the tumor developing mutations by monitoring the genetic profiles of cancerous cells compared to normal tissues in order to select the optimum chemotherapy and immunotherapy, or specifically target certain cancer markers. Concerning tissue replacement, stem cells have revolutionized the organ transplantation by decreasing the risk of rejection and dependence on matched-donor waiting lists. Regarding the diagnosis, rapid DNA sequencing and analysis tools play as magic gadgets helping doctors to identify the responsible pathogens and decode the relation between individual microbial profiles with complex diseases such as obesity, vascular disease, autism, and preterm birth. Finally, personalized medicine has enabled physicians to perceive the unique response of every individual to different medications providing the possibility of designing costume diets for certain patients such as diabetics. Then, it is indispensable to consider that précised medicine would not obtain its current achievements unless by calling up a colorful variety of disciplines including material science, engineering, 3D printing, molecular biology, and medical engineering, converting it to a multidisciplinary field. In conclusion, precision medicine is a wide open window to a future promising advantages of cutting unnecessary prescription costs, more efficient cures, and less side-effects.


Precised medicine, Cancer, Tissue transplantation, Diet

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COI code: IPMCMED01_165

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