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Radial and vertical velocity modeling under deflector in vortex chamber

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Year: 2012
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COI code: IREC09_121
Paper Language: English

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Authors Radial and vertical velocity modeling under deflector in vortex chamber

N Niknia - Water Authority of Razavi Khorasan Company
A Keshavarzi -


Vortex chambers utilize vortex flow within the chamber in order to separate sediment particles from the flow. The structure of flow inside the vortex chamber is complicatedand fully three-dimensional. In this paper, a comprehensive research was conducted in a physical model with circular deflect installed in the whole periphery of a vortexchamber. The three-dimensional flow velocity was measured using a Micro-ADV, to understand the flow structure and also to distinguish secondary currents above andbelow the circular deflector. The velocity of flow was measured at 448 different nodalpoints and at eight different horizontal layers within the flow depth. The measurements were taken at radial sections of 0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270 and 315 degrees from theinlet.The secondary currents below the deflector increase, these secondary currents approach towards the central orifice. Secondary currents below the deflector are useful to impinge deposited sediment particles towards the flushing orifice


Flow structure, vortex chamber, circular deflector, Acoustic Doppler Velocity meter (ADV), secondary currents

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COI code: IREC09_121

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