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development of a tool for synthesis of sensory layout in active suspension vibration control

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Year: 2012
COI code: ISAV02_084
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Authors development of a tool for synthesis of sensory layout in active suspension vibration control

s.m.mehdi ansarey m - ITRAC Co (SAPCO Test Center), Tehran, Iran.
Ali Reza Ramezaney M. -
  Ehsan Fathi - Electrical Dept.,University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran


Today, many car manufacturers have tendency toward equipping cars with active suspension. Feedback control strategies require feedback of state variables and this tends to big challenges due to the instrumentation issue (number, type, installation location and cost associated with sensors). The model-based control strategies involve abundant measurements because the vibrational models of car typically include many degrees of freedom. Use of Observer is a conventional method to reduce the number of output variables and estimate state variables. So the aim of observer design is to obtain a full knowledge of vehicle dynamics for On-Board control applications. As the number of measurements and corresponding sensors decreased, cost imposed to the system will decreases and the implementation complexity is also reduced. Unfortunately observer design process is a complex trail & error process. The purpose of this research is to provide a tool for studying the observer structure and evaluating various sensory configurations and to determine the optimal sensor layout to achieve an ideal observer. In this regard, the designer has the ability to choose vehicle model and observer structure, so he is capable of assessing variety of output configurations and their impact on the system design criteria.


Suspension System, State Observer, Active Vibration Control, Vehicle Dynamics

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COI code: ISAV02_084

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