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Structural Vibration Control using Shunted Magnetostrective Materials by Pulse switching Technique

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Year: 2012
COI code: ISAV02_114
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Authors Structural Vibration Control using Shunted Magnetostrective Materials by Pulse switching Technique

  Saber Mohammadi - Mechanical Department, Engineering Faculty, Razi University, 6714967346
Akram Khodayari -


Semi-passive vibration control devices using non-linear methods have experienced significant development in recent years, due to their performance and advantages compared with passive and active techniques. More precisely, SSD (Synchronised Switch Damping) or pulse switching technique, lead to a very good trade-off between simplicity, required power supply and performance. This technique which was developed at first in the field ofpiezoelectric damping consists in triggering the inverting switch on each extremum of the piezoelectric voltage which induces an increase of the electromechanical energy conversion.This paper for the first time tries to apply this method on the Magnetostrective material in order to control of structural vibration. Magnetostrective or piezoelectric materials in conjunction with appropriate electric networks can be used as a mechanical energydissipation device. Alternatively, undesired mechanical energy of a structure could be converted into electrical energy that can be dissipated through a shunt network in the form of Joule heating. A significant decrease in vibration energy is demonstrated theoretically in the case of a vibrated clamped beam


Vibration control, Magnetostrective, Pulse switching

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COI code: ISAV02_114

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