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Multidisciplinary design optimization of a reentry spacecraft

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Year: 2020
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Authors Multidisciplinary design optimization of a reentry spacecraft

Masoud Kabganian - Ryerson University /Aerospace Engineering, Toronto, Canada;
  Jafar Roshanian - K. N. Toosi University of Technology/Aerospace Engineering, Tehran, Iran;
  Masoud Ebrahimi - Tarbiat Modares University/Mechanical Engineering, Tehran, Iran;


In the present paper, after studying several articles in this area and studying research on reentry vehicle or manned spacecraft, it can be seen that optimizing even one discipline or subsystem from this vehicle without regard to other discipline is practically impossible. Therefore, in most research in this area, we can see the multidisciplinary optimization footprint or multi-objective optimization.Multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) focuses on the use of numerical optimization in the design of systems with a number of subsystems or disciplines. The main reason for using MDO in multidisciplinary designs is that the performance of the system is related not only to the act of each individual disciplines but also to their interactions. With the help of MDO in the early stage of the design process, one can simultaneously enhance the design and decrease the time and cost of the entire design cycle.In conclusion, considering various methods and research works, in a combined and innovative method, the multidisciplinary design optimization of a reentry spacecraft or a space capsule was implemented, with considering variables, constraints and various parameters applied in several geometric shapes with suggested dimensions for a reentry spacecraft [1].


Optimization Design, Multidisciplinary, Spacecraft, Reentry to earth, Space Capsule

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COI code: ISME28_254

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