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Wave Passage and Incoherency Effects on Nonlinear Response of High Arch Dams

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Year: 2014
Present: پوستري
COI code: ISSEE01_014
Paper Language: English

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Authors Wave Passage and Incoherency Effects on Nonlinear Response of High Arch Dams

M Akbari -
  R Naderi - Professor, Shahrood University


In the present paper, effects of incoherency and wave-passage on nonlinear responses of concrete arch dams wereinvestigated. A double curvature arch dam was selected as numerical example. Reservoir was modeled as acompressible material and foundation was modeled as a mass-less medium. Ground motion time-histories wereartificially generated using Monte Carlo simulation approach. Four different FE models were considered including;Uniform excitation; Incoherence effect; Wave passage effect and; finally both incoherence and wave passage effects. Itwas revealed that modeling multiple-supports excitation could have significant effects on the structural response of thedam by inducing pseudo-static effect. Also, it was concluded that coherency effect overshadow wave passage effectand results obtained from non-uniform exciting of FEM including wave passage effect is close to the results of the FEmodel exited uniformly.


Concrete Arch Dam, Incoherency, Nonlinear analysis, Wave passage

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COI code: ISSEE01_014

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