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Novel Resonant Structure to Compact Partial H-Plane Band-Pass Waveguide Filters

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Year: 2016
COI code: ITCC03_054
Paper Language: English

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Authors Novel Resonant Structure to Compact Partial H-Plane Band-Pass Waveguide Filters

  E.M Variani - Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Guilan
  H Ghorbaninejad - Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Guilan


This paper presents a novel resonantstructure partial for implementation in a partial Hplanewaveguide. Partial H-plane waveguide have onequartercross section compared to conventionalwaveguide. The proposed resonant structure has beenmade of a metal window along with metal posts tocompact filter size. The metal window and posts havebeen implemented transversely in a partial H-planewaveguide. The novel resonant structures can be usedto considerably reduce the longitudinal lengthcompared to that of former similar work. In fact, usingthe proposed resonant structures will be reduce bothcross section size and the total length of the filtercompared to conventional ones, in the same frequencyrange. In the design procedure, the sizes and shapes ofwindows and posts were determined to obtain desiredresults from equivalent circuit model. The optimizationfor getting desired results has been performed withelectromagnetic software, HFSS. The novel resonantstructures have been designed and simulated to verifyusefulness and performance of the design method.


Resonant structure, Bandpass filter, Partial H-plane waveguide, Partial H-plane filter

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COI code: ITCC03_054

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