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Fuzzy Logic Talent and Breakwater Challenge

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Year: 2014
COI code: MMSCES02_023
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Authors Fuzzy Logic Talent and Breakwater Challenge

omid nejadkazem - Assistant Professor, Standard Research Institute, Karaj, Iran
  roghayeh rezaei - Ph.D. Student, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran


Fuzzy logic as a remarkable methodology has been created, implemented and developed by the leading researchers of our time and has been really blossomed. Its utility is fully appreciated by theoreticians and practitioners alike. Not only does it point us in the right research directions, but it also provide the powerful tools ready for building efficient and powerful intelligent systems capable of solving very large-scale, complex system problems and difficult problems, among other things, which contain nonlinearities. This study focuses on how fuzzy logic have been applied by researchers in the field of breakwater designing and surveying. The result show that fuzzy logic has a better predictive performance and less cost than analytical, numerical methods that do not recourse to soft computing. Also fuzzy system and fuzzy neural network models have the advantages of incorporating flexible reasoning as expert systems when compared to hybrid neural networks; however, they require the development of new prediction enhancement techniques for the improvement of their forecast.


Fuzzy logic, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Rubble-mound, Breakwater

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COI code: MMSCES02_023

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