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Plant Rosemary Small but Great Hatred for Cancer

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Year: 2015
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Authors Plant Rosemary Small but Great Hatred for Cancer

  Alireza Bayat - Department of Anatomy, Aja University of Medical Sciences
  Emad Khorvash - Department of Anatomy, Aja University of Medical Sciences
  Beheshteh Aboohamzeh - Department of Anatomy, Aja University of Medical Sciences


Rosemary away for years in the traditional medicine of Iran, China and Greece have manyapplications, including anti-inflammatory, anti-depressants, anti-fever has been named.Avicenna also use rosemary to treat catarrhand, bronch but over time the new feature of thisplant is known. Today, the side effects of cancer treatment are widespread and costly .Hencethe need for a therapy with less side-effects and cost is always felt .The purpose of this paperis to examine the therapeutic effects of rosemary on the growth and proliferation of cancercells .Now polyphenols in food has great importance in the prevention of different diseases,including cardiovascular disease and cancers .Studies have shown that carnosol that is oneof the main polyphenols in Rosemary has powerful antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory andanti-cancer. These material in skin and breast cancers (by inhibiting the genotoxicity), inblood cancer (inhibition of HL60 and U937) and in colon and prostate cancer, have shown avery active role .Another diterpenes of rosemary is carnosic acid that Chemical anti-canceractivity in colon cancer cells and anti-inflammatory properties of nerve cells has proved.


Rosemary, Cancer, Carnosol, Carnosol Acid, Polyphenol

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