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A Novel Ultra Low Power Low Voltage Current Output Stage

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Year: 2018
COI code: NCAEC04_023
Paper Language: English

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Authors A Novel Ultra Low Power Low Voltage Current Output Stage

Khalil Monfaredi -


In this paper a novel current output stage (COS) is introduced. Deliberately compose of class AB operation and a special feedback scheme grants it such following everdemanded merits at power supplies of ± 0.5V.Ultra Low Power(P)of 5.2μW, Ultra high Output resistance (RO)of 13GΩ and Ultra High Ratio of 500 for output current over biascurrent at low THD of -32dB. Most desirably this capability increases with supply so that reaches the unique ratio of 5000 at ± 3.5V (where these voltages are allowed), low THD of -31dB, and RO of 60MΩ. These marvelous results are verified by HSpice simulation using 0.18μm CMOS technology of TSMC. The Process robustness and the stability of the proposed COS are verified by Monte Carlo simulation and stepwise response, respectively.


Ultra low power, Low Voltage, Current Output Stage, Class AB, Current High Capability, High Output Impedance.

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COI code: NCAEC04_023

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