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Evaluation of Drought Resistance in Spring Brassica Oilseed species

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Year: 2010
COI code: NOILP03_215
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Authors Evaluation of Drought Resistance in Spring Brassica Oilseed species

Abdollah Youssefi - Agricultural and Natural Resources Engineering Organization of Khorassan-e razavi, mashha- Iran
Mehdi Azizi - Khorasan Razavi Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center. Mashhad -Iran
Hadi Shoorideh - M.S. of plant breeding and supervisor on canola field of Mashhad- Iran.


This experiment was conducted in the form of RCBD design with 3 replications under 2 conditions, (water stress and normal condition) at the Center of Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center of Khorassan Razavi, Iran, in 2009-2010. Zarfam, B.P.18 and RGS003 determined as resistant cultivars on the basis of SSI and TOL indices. Hyola330, RGS003 and Hyola401 cultivars were determined as high tolerant cultivars to water stress because of their high seed yield at these both conditions So, Hyola330 and RGS003 cultivars was determined as the best varieties because of their high yield at the normal condition and their low yield reduction due to drought stress. GMP, MP and STI had significant positive correlation with seed yield at both conditions, so they are the best indices for estimate of drought resistance


spring Brassica Oilseed species, drought resistant indices, water stress, seed yield

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COI code: NOILP03_215

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