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A review of strategic potentials of Iran s zeolites

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Year: 2017
COI code: NZEOLITE04_003
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Authors A review of strategic potentials of Iran s zeolites

Majid Poor Moghaddam - Researcher and mineral advisor of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade


In 2014, Iran ranked fifth in the world by the richest countries in the world to introduce the natural resources. English British Petroleum Company in its report Iran to the world s largest holder of gas reserves announced in 2016. They also have Halgartn Institute in London in 94 by announcing the dawn of a big mining power called Iran, which has produced more than 40 mineral product. Iran also among the top 10 countries with 46 billion tons of proven reserves in the world, Asia and the Middle East is the third and quoted Majlis Research Center, Iran has produced 362 million tons of mineral products, mineral products manufacturer ninth with a total mine production totals the $ 62 billion among the eight countries in the world in terms of total value of mineral production (2013, world mining Data). Iran, with 70 types of minerals, among the 15 countries in the world in terms of variety of minerals known as zeolites since Iran is known as 1/70 minerals, natural zeolites cliniptilolite Iran having a purity of 80% of the outstanding it is.


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COI code: NZEOLITE04_003

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