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Drag Reduction Analysis of Flat Plate Using Riblets

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Year: 2015
COI code: OICIRAN06_071
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Authors Drag Reduction Analysis of Flat Plate Using Riblets

  Saeed Jaamei - Assistant Professor, Persian Gulf University, Faculty of Engineering Department of Marine Engineering Bushehr 75169, Iran;
  Alireza Heydarian - Master Student, Persian Gulf University of Bushehr, Iran;
  Alireza Kazemipour - Undergraduate students, Persian Gulf University of Bushehr, Iran;
  Atoosa Bahrani - Undergraduate students, Persian Gulf University of Bushehr, Iran;


Engineering marvels found throughout living nature continually provide inspiration to researchers solving technical challenges. For example, skin from fast-swimming sharks intrigue researchers since its low-drag riblet microstructure is applicable to many low drag and self-cleaning (antifouling) applications.In recent years, such as land and air transport, sea transport in achieving a high rate of interest is. Given that that major part of the drag exerted on the vessel, the frictional drag, reducing the drag is of particular importance. In this review, nature as a guide to achieve the target is used. By Study the skin a high-speed marine animals, including sharks and dolphins create the riblet surface production. Between various methods of reducing the frictional drag, use riblet and micro level regarding practicality and drag reduction mechanism, it is beneficial to use on large vessels. Drag reduction in turbulent flow using riblet is studied in this project. 3D printing and molding techniques such as micro-particles riblet surfaces of manufacturing methods that have been studied


Drag reduction, shark, Riblet, Micro surface

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COI code: OICIRAN06_071

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First Time: (Jaamei, Saeed; Alireza Heydarian; Alireza Kazemipour & Atoosa Bahrani, 2015)
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