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The Role of Women in the Movements of Islamic Awakening According to the Teachings of the Holy Quran

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Year: 2012
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Authors The Role of Women in the Movements of Islamic Awakening According to the Teachings of the Holy Quran

Amina Menur Mudesir - Ethiopia


The main purpose of this paper is to enlighten the role of Muslim women in Islamic awakenings. Men and women share the same human nature, and also every utterance directed at mankind in the Holly Qur’an applies to both of them. If we consider the verses which discuss mankind’s role on earth, we see they are addressed to mankind in general, with no distinction made between men and women. This paper entirely done based on review of written related literature on the Islamic awakenings. The role of women in the movement of Islamic awakening is incredible from the inception of Islam as a religion (Deen) to up to date. However, the extent of contribution of women’s companionship of the Prophet (pbuh) is incomparable with the current women. From sending of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (bpuh) as a prophet, women’s were play great role to preserve Islam for the generation until the day of resurrection. This paper also clarifies some of the role of Muslim women of an ancient time and the present women in current Islamic awakenings, respectively. Muslim women companions of Prophet (pbuh) would guard camels of the fighters’, make their food, treat the injured, nurse the ill ones and sometimes they participate in the battlefield like Safiyya, Nuseiba, Umm Attiyya, Asma bint Yazid, Nusaybah bint Ka’b, Umm Salit …, they led a life of full of sacrifice .Current Muslim Women have played a prominent role in protesting against and overthrowing their governments, communicating with social network, marching for regime change, to stop repression, releasing of loved one, even more struggled for their rights. Thus, positive and vigilant evaluation of history to enable us identify positive points that may be used in future planning of Islamic programs and avoid weak point that could harm the future of Islamic Ummah.


Awakening, Developing, Growing, Emerging, Mujahidin

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COI code: QURANIC06_080

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