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Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Happiness with a Tendency to Addiction in Male Students

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Year: 2015
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Authors Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Happiness with a Tendency to Addiction in Male Students

  Mohsen Nadimi - Ph.D student in General Psychology, Young Researchers and Elite Club, Birjand Branch, Islamic Azad University, Birjand, Iran.


This study aimed to investigate the relationship between spiritual intelligence and happiness with a tendency to addiction in male students in high school of Jahrom in 2014. The size of estimated sample was 115 who were selected by multistage cluster sampling. Measurement tool of Nasseri spiritual intelligence questionnaire, Oxford happiness and Zargar scale of tendency to addiction. Finally, the data was analyzed using Pearson correlation and regression analysis using statistical software SPSS at a significance level of 0.05. The results showed that a significant negative correlation exists between happiness and tendency to addiction and a significant positive relationship betweenhappiness and all aspects of spiritual intelligence. A significant negative relationship exists between tendency to addiction and aspects of spiritual intelligence (forgiveness, patience and self-transcendence). Regression analysis results showed that patience 29.3% and transcendental awareness7.8% significantly explain the tendency to addiction. Patience andtranscendental awarenesssignificantly explain 37.1% of the readiness of tendency to addiction.


spiritual intelligence, happiness, tendency to addiction, students

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COI code: RAFCON03_101

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