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Participation in global climate observing system, challengs and strategies

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Year: 2003
COI code: RCCC03_055
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Authors Participation in global climate observing system, challengs and strategies

Mandana Emamhadi - Faculity Member, Climatology Research Group.Atmospheric Science & Meteorological Research Center (ASMERC).
Amir Hoshang Deljo - First Vice-president Office of WMO, Islamic Republic of Iran.


Over the past decade the mteorolcgical ammmity has witnessed an ever-increasing demand for current and historical &ta related to extrm -ther and dim& emts. Su3-1 data are necessary for seasonal. and interannual c b t e prediction as tJell as for clirrate research, mnitoring of climate variability and detection of climb change. The Intergovemtal Panel has recognized the importance of these activities on nmrous occasions by
govermnts at various metings, in particular on Climte Change (IPCC) and by the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Ramwork Convention on Clirtate Change. In response to these requiraents fran the clhtological cannunity, the G1& Clirrate &serving System (GCOS) program, established in 1992, developed the GCOS Surface Network (GSN) which consists of approximately 1,000 mteorological surface reporting stations fran approximtely5 0 n-abr states of the World Meteorological Organization. ekes not itself directly mke &servatims nor generate data products. It st5rmhtes, enmages, coordinates and otherwise facilitates the taking of the needed absenmtiolls by m t i d or international organizations in support of their own requirements as w e l l as of c m n gmls. It provides an operational frmwork for integrating, and enhancing asneeded, observational systems of participating countries and organizations into a qrehensive system focussed on the requirerents for climate issues. C K B builds p, and mrks in prtnership with, other existing and develcpiq &serving system such as th G l h l Oclean &serving System, the Global Terrestrial &serving System, and the Glcasal &serving Systa and G l o b 1 Abmspheric &tch of the World &teorolajical Organization.


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COI code: RCCC03_055

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