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Use of geothermal energy and its benefits in reducing environmental pollution

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Authors Use of geothermal energy and its benefits in reducing environmental pollution

  Sina Ghani - MSc, Civil Engineering Department, Geotechnics, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran
  Fatemeh Izadian - Bachelors, Civil Engineering Department, Arak University, Arak, Iran
Fatemeh Mokhtari - MSc, Architecture Department, Architecture, Yazd Islamic Azad University, Yazd,


Today, with regard to population growth, there is a need for more renewable energy sources that can easily serve different human needs without harming the environment; therefore, designing energy saving buildings as well as protecting natural resources is one of the main responsibilities of the experts. One of the types of renewable energies is geothermal energy, which is one of the least costly, most beneficial of these energies and a good alternative to fossil fuels, and the generation of electricity and the heating and cooling of buildings by the heat pump are a number of its applications. This article attempts to explain the use of this energy in heating and cooling buildings and the need to use this cheap and clean energy instead of using fossil fuels


geothermal energy, renewable energy, energy applications, environment

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