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Assessment of Active Fault Zone Seismicity by Georisk-Analyzer Computer Program

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Year: 2003
COI code: SEE04_SM20
Paper Language: English

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Authors Assessment of Active Fault Zone Seismicity by Georisk-Analyzer Computer Program

Vahan Davtyan - GEORISK Scientific Research Company, Armenia
Tigran Davtyan - Master’s degree student, Yerevan State University, Armenia


Study of seismodynamics and seismic potential of active fault zones and diffusive seismicity areas is an important element of seismic hazard assessment. To carry on these estimations, GEORISK Scientific Research Company has developed Georisk Analyzer computer program.Mathematical formulas forming the basis of the algorithm of Georisk Analyzer consider the shape of Earth’s ellipsoid. This permits most accurate projection of active fault zones on the Earth surface and efficient sampling from databases of earthquake (by coordinates) and other parameters.The analyzing module of Georisk Analyzer includes a wide spectrum of program functions: building of plots of earthquake recurrence (Gutenberg-Richer), distribution of earthquakes in space and time, seismic energy released, etc. The possibility to compare plots for individual seismically active areas and structures enables users to monitor dynamics of changes in space and time clusters of seismic activity both in individual fault zones, and across vast areas.Georisk Analyzer was used to study seismodynamics of the Pambak-Sunik-Sevan and Garni active fault zones in Armenia


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COI code: SEE04_SM20

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