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Liquid-phase oxidation of toluene with hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by Ni (ІІ), Co (ІІ), and Cu (ІІ) Schiff base complexes

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Year: 2014
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Authors Liquid-phase oxidation of toluene with hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by Ni (ІІ), Co (ІІ), and Cu (ІІ) Schiff base complexes

  H. Alipournia - Department of chemistry, Faculty of science, Urmia University,Urmia,Iran
  H Haghgooie - Department of chemistry, Faculty of science, Urmia University,Urmia,Iran


There are only few reports on the selective oxidation of toluene is carried out at low temperatures using different oxidants like hydrogen peroxide, O2 etc. Peroxides are very attractive, relatively cheap and waste-avoiding oxidants.In this regard, a more environmentally benign, economically feasible and selective catalytic process is desirable. Transition metal complexes are effective and selective catalysts in a variety of organic reactions. Although these catalysts offered interesting results such as low influence of diffusion mechanisms on reaction performance, they become more useful if the separation process is tagged to recover them at the end of reaction especially for precious and strategic metal catalysts. Currently many transition metal ions complexes have been identified as homogeneous catalysts for various reactions, which showed high homogeneity, reproducibility, selectivity, and high activity to catalyze reactions under mild conditions.Schiff base complexes of transition metal ions are efficient catalysts both in homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions. The liquid phase oxidation of toluene, in the presence of several Ni (ІІ), Co (ІІ) and Cu (ІІ) Schiff base complexes using 30% aqueous hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as oxidant, was studied. Investigations have been carried out with a view to determining the most suitable reaction conditions with respect to operating variables including reaction temperature, batch time, concentrations of the substrate, catalyst, oxidant on the overall conversion and yield of products were studied. The selective oxidation of toluene with hydrogen peroxide will produce benzaldehyde, benzoic acid, benzyl alcohol.Compared with the present synthetic method of benzaldehyde and benzyl alcohol by the chlorination of toluene followed by hydrolysis, which has been used in the world industry, the new method has the advantage of friendly environmental effects.


Liquid phase; Toluene oxidation; Hydrogen peroxide; Schiff base complex

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COI code: TCPCO01_038

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