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Definitions, Causes, Hazards, and Repair Procedures

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Year: 2018
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Authors Definitions, Causes, Hazards, and Repair Procedures

  Davoud Ahmadi - MSc in Geotechnical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology,
  Amirhossein Mohammadi - PhD in Environmental Civil Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology,


In the case of a sinkhole, the support for the land surface is gradually removed over a period of time, causing the land surface to sag and finally collapse, leaving a hole or cavity as a result. Sinkholes come in many different sizes and shapes. Taking water away from where it was or putting a new, concentrated source of water where it wasn’t before can speed the development of sinkholes. The most obvious danger of sinkholes is that a deep hole is a potential hazard for people and animals. They can also undermine and destroy infrastructure such as buildings or roads. Sinkholes can also provide a pathway for surface waters to drain rapidly down to the water table and this creates the potential for any pollutants to contaminate groundwater. In this paper, some of the influencing factors which help in sinkhole formation were described. The effects of groundwater withdrawal on sinkhole occurrence and expansion also assessed. Moreover, hazards of sinkholes to human life and facilities were assessed and some repair procedures for safe and effective stabilization of sinkholes discussed.


Sinkhole, Subsidence, Groundwater Withdrawal, Soil Erosion, Repair Procedure.

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COI code: WRM07_363

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