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The effects of cold plasma on wound healing

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Year: 2019
COI code: WTRMED06_198
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Authors The effects of cold plasma on wound healing

  Maryam Amini - Faculty of Physics, Shahrood University of Technology, Shahrood, Iran
Mahdi Momeni -
Ali Reza Jahandideh -
Pouria Dehghanpisheh -
Mahmood Ghoranneviss -
Mohammad Reza Amini -


Purpose: In this study we evaluated the effects of cold plasma treatment on wounds in animal model.Material and method: Adult male Wistar rats by the age range of 14-15 weeks old and weight range of 200±10 grams was selected for the study and kept in standard cages under controlled lightening hours for 12 hours light and 12 hours of darkness and stable temperature condition of 22±2° c . Anesthesia induced with combination of Xylazine hydrochloride 2 % (5 mg/kg) and ketamine hydrochloride 10% (50mg/kg). After preparation, clipping and scrubbing a 10 mm round full thickness wound was made with a Sterilized 10 mm diametric biopsy punch and panniculus, hypodermis, epidermis and dermis layers were completely removed with excisional wounding method. The rats were treated by cold plasma every day.Results and discussion: After 3 days cold plasma treatment epithelial cells start to migrate and collagen was seen in the dermis layer. It can be observed from the results after 7 days treatment the plasma treatment increased the neovascularization and production of collagen in the dermis layer. After 14 days treatment the cold plasma treated wounds completely healed


cold plasma, wounds, histopathology

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COI code: WTRMED06_198

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