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Center Name: Islamic Azad University of Arak
Paper Stat based on CIVILICA database: 6,254
Center Type: Azad University
Total University Ranking: 47
Center Ranking between Azad Universities: 14
CIVILICA Access: Yes

Recent Indexed Papers of Islamic Azad University of Arak

The following section displays some of the latest articles from the Islamic Azad University of Arak, which is indexed at the CIVILICA database. These articles are not necessarily the latest articles produced by this center and are arranged in the order of indexing in CIVILICA.

last papers indexed from Islamic Azad University of Arak

No. Title Author Conference/Journal Year
1 Solving n × n Fuzzy Linear System by Artificial Bee Colony algorithm P Mansouri 5th National Conference on Computer Engineering and Blockchain of Iran 1399
2 Appraise knowledge management Implements by utilizing fuzzy programming Method for multifaceted group decision making Mohammadreza fallah araghi International Conference on Quantitative Models and Techniques in Management (QMTM2020) 1399
3 Kinetic and thermodynamics analysis: effect of eudragit polymer as drug release controller in electrospun nanofibers Fatemeh Tavakoli
4 Application of guar gum in electrospun nanofibers as mebendazole drug release controller: a kinetic study and thermodynamics analysis Fatemeh Tavakoli
5 An Attempt for the Quantitative DFT-based Interpretation of the Conformational Preference of Negative Hyperconjugative Anomeric Effects in Trans-2,3- and Trans-2,5-dihalo-1,4-dioxanes Elahe Faramarzi
6 Computational Investigation into the Solvent Effect on the Diels-Alder Reaction of Isobenzofuran and Ethylene Elham Sheikh Ansari
7 Ameliorative effect of cotreatment with the methanolic leaf extract of Urtica dioica on acute kidney injury induced by gentamicin in rats Fatemeh Ghanbari
8 Effects of salicylic acid, humic acid, and EDTA chelate on the increasing Pb concentration in the barley inoculated with PGPR Amir Hossein Baghaie
9 Stimulation of corn zinc efficiency in the soil polluted with petroleum hydrocarbons and lead using Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and zinc oxide nanoparticles Amir Hossein Baghaie
10 Free Vibration Analysis of 2D Functionally Graded Annular Plate considering the Effect of Material Composition via 2D Differential Quadrature Method Mohammad Nejati
11 Multi-Objective Tabu Search Algorithm to Minimize Weight and Improve Formability of Al3105-St14 Bi-Layer Sheet M Ehsanifar
12 Spectroscopic Behavior, FMO, NBO Analysis of Pethidine and Diclofenac Drugs by Theoretical Approach Mostafa Khajehzadeh
13 Effect of Initial Local Failure Type on Steel Braced Frame Buildings against Progressive Collapse Babak Pordel Maragheh
14 Comparing marital satisfaction of married women with and without premenstrual dysphoric disorder Elnaz Sadat Shariatpanahi International Conference on Interdisciplinary Studies in Psychology, Counseling and Educational Sciences 1398
15 Propagation of Three Cultivars of Rosa hybrida L. through Stenting Method Masoumeh Pourghorban
16 Comparing Emotion Cognitive Regulation, Alexithymia and Neuropsychological Skills among Teenagers withType-1 Diabetes and Healthy Ones Leyla Shokri
17 Methods of Reducing Trial Prorogation in Dispute Resolution Councils to Support Citizen Rights Mahdi S Gorashi
18 Delay in Fault Tolerant Structures for Nanoscale Gates Hasan Abdi The First Iranian Microelectronics Conference 1398
19 Olive Leaf area is measurable using Bivariable Linear measurement Afshar Fallah Imani 7th National Conference on Applied Research in Healthy Food Sciences from Farm to Table 1398
20 Free Vibration Analysis of Continuously Graded Fiber Reinforced Truncated Conical Shell Via Third-Order Shear Deformation Theory A Asanjarani
21 A New Numerical Procedure for Determination of Effective Elastic Constants in Unidirectional Composite Plates M Tajdari
22 Calculation of Collision Speed Corresponded to Maximum Penetration Using Hydrodynamic Theory A.R Nezamabadi
23 The Effects of Carbon Nanotube Orientation and Aggregation on Static Behavior of Functionally Graded Nanocomposite Cylinders M Tajdari
24 Extension of VIKOR Method to Find an Optimal Layout for Fixture s Supporting Points in Order to Reduce Work Piece Deformation M Ehsanifar
25 Shape- Dependent Term Investigation of Khan- Liu Yield/ Fracture Criterion as a Function of Plastic Strain for Anisotropic Metals M Tajdari
26 Vibration Analysis of FG Nanoplate Based on Third-Order Shear Deformation Theory (TSDT) and Nonlocal Elasticity M.M Najafizadeh
27 Size-Dependent Forced Vibration Analysis of Three Nonlocal Strain Gradient Beam Models with Surface Effects Subjected to Moving Harmonic Loads A.R Nezamabadi
28 An investigation of the factors affecting the sustainability of organizational learning in civil registration organization of MarkaziProvince Seyed Ali Akbar Ghaemmaghami
29 Investigation of heavy metals concentration in soil around a Pb-Zn mine and ecological risk assessment Amir Hossein Baghaie
30 An overview of the methods proposed to secure the internte Ali Kooshari International Conference on Advanced Technology in the Intelligent System 1398

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according to scientometrics analysis, the researchers of Islamic Azad University of Arak published 3,629 papers in joint with 318 universities.

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