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Scientometrics of Kharazmi University

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Center Name: Kharazmi University
Paper Stat based on CIVILICA database: 8,957
Center Type: state university
Total University Ranking: 28
Center Ranking between state universities: 22

Recent Indexed Papers of Kharazmi University

The following section displays some of the latest articles from the Kharazmi University, which is indexed at the CIVILICA database. These articles are not necessarily the latest articles produced by this center and are arranged in the order of indexing in CIVILICA.

last papers indexed from Kharazmi University

No. Title Author Conference/Journal Year
1 Presenting a Joint Replenishment-location Model Under all-units Quantity Discount and Solving by Genetic Algorithm and Harmony Search Algorithm Seyed Hamidreza Pasandideh
2 Esterification of levulinic acid to ethyl levulinate biodiesel catalyzed by highly active hierarchically structured Ti-Beta zeolite Fatemeh Imani 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
3 Synthesis and characterization of a novel hierarchical ZSM-5 zeolite using bi-template method Roozbeh Javad Kalbasi 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
4 In situ polymerization of poly(vinylimidazole) into the pores of hierarchical ZSM-5zeolite as an acid–base bifunctional catalyst for cascade reaction Roozbeh Javad Kalbasi 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
5 Cu doped Fe3O4 magnetic catalyst for Heck reaction: C-C coupling Faeze Kazemi Andalib 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
6 Preparation of N-TiO2/MoS2/Ti Catalyst for using in Treatment of Nazarabad Industrial Zone Wastewater by Photocatalytic Ozonation Process Ali Haseli 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
7 Production of Titanium Dioxide Film by Anodic Oxidation of Titanium Plate and Enhancement of its Visible Light Photocatalytic Activity by Lanthanum Doping Mohsen Sheydaei 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
8 Investigating the Effects of Different Parameters on Membrane Performance and Efficiency of Immersion Membrane photoreactor Process Vahid Vatanpour 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
9 Design a novel electrocchemical sensor based on glassy carbon electrode modified with titania nanoparticles, copper oxide and reduced graphen oxide ternary nanocomposites for the electrocatalytic determination of ascorbic acid Hamid Salehzadeh 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
10 DMF as a trifunctional organocatalyst: one-pot seven-component sequential synthesis of novel derivatives of tetrazoloquinolonecontaining aminofuropyrimidines Elham Batebi 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
11 Comparison of experimental and theoretical results of 13C NMR for 1- (benzothiazolylamino) methyl-2-naphthol product Prepared by catalysis of NH3 (CH2) 5NH3BiCl5 Fereshteh Younesian 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
12 Synthesis of Co3O4/GQD and Co3O4/Zn-ICP Nanocomposites for Photocatalytic Degradation of Rhodamine B (RhB) Sajedeh Ramazi 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
13 Synthesis of Fe doped on CuO nanoparticles and application for electrocatalytic oxidation of glucose Gh Abdollahi 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
14 The effect of phosphorus containing polyamide Mg(OH)2 nanocomposite coating on the thermal stability of PVC Mohsen Hajibeygi 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
15 Synthesis and characterization of thermally stable and fire resistance polymer/Mg(OH)2 nanocomposites based on Phosphorus containing aromatic polyamide Mohsen Hajibeygi 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
16 Double functionalization of Pyridine as a substance with abundant biological properties Mehran Ghasemi 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
17 Synthesis of dibenzofuran derivatives by Catellani s strategy in one pot Mehran Ghasemi 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
18 Sulfonated reduced graphene oxide as highly efficient solid acid catalyst in acid-catalyzed esterification and acetalization reactions Samaneh Shahsavarifar 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
19 New epoxidation catalyst derived from immobilization of a molybdenum complex on aminopropyl modified MCM-41 Samaneh Shahsavarifar 2nd Iranian Catalyst Conference 1398
20 LES/FMDF of premixed methane/air flow in a backward-facing step combustor Mostafa Esmaeili
21 Synthesis and functionalization of coumarin via cascade double C-C bonds formation Mehran Ghasemi 6th International Conference on Chemical and Chemical Engineering 1398
22 Alkylation and cyanation of thiophene as a substance with plentiful biological properties Mehran Ghasemi 6th International Conference on Chemical and Chemical Engineering 1398
23 The Effectiveness of Hope Therapy on Improving the Elderly Quality of Life Elahe Fallah Tafti
24 Comparison of Mindfulness, Psychological Capital, and Self-Compassion between Students with Externalizing Behavior Problems and Normal Students Zahra Motahari Nasab
25 Philosophical foundations of quantum theory and its impact on the organization Bijan Abdollahi
26 Investigating the Effects of Morphine on Survival and Sensitivity to Cisplatin in Ovarian Cancer Cells Maryam Rezaeigazik
27 Combination Resonance of Nonlinear Rotating Balanced Shafts Subjected to Periodic Axial Load M.S Qaderi
28 The Comparison of Divided, Sustained and Selective Attention in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Children with Specific Learning Disorder and Normal Children Hadi Hashemi Razini
29 The construction, reliability and validation of a questionnaire for assessing the patterns and premarital injuries Sh. Navabinejad
30 Comparison of the effectiveness between treatment based on improving quality of life and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) on increasing happiness of female teachers K Zahrakar

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according to scientometrics analysis, the researchers of Kharazmi University published 5,434 papers in joint with 371 universities.

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